Automation of Lathes

Industrial production of turning parts with lathes

You deal with them every day- fittings, valves, fastening elements as well as motor and transmission parts in automobile engines, industrial machines and household appliances. But how do you manufacture such high volume components economically ? By clamping the workpiece in a lathe and constructing them rotation-symmetrical. This is especially true for parts which are produced in a clamping process where they are automatically fed and removed. Sensors play a decisive role in monitoring these processes with a short cycle time and a high level of Automation





Applications of Position Sensing at Lathes:


Tailstock Position sensing with reliable and cost-effective magnetostrictive Transducer

BTL magnetostrictive position sensors enable reliable and cost effective tailstock positioning, such as with a hydraulic or a motor-driven axis. A second measuring System can be installed for the fine positioning.







Steady rest  alignment with rod style position feedback, integrated in hydraulic cylinder

Steady rests assist the machining process for long or heavy turning parts. Here a rod style BTL magnetostrictive position sensor monitors the piston position. For both compact and precise steady rest position the sensor is integrated into the actuator.

How to choose the right Position sensor



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